Bel UK is to advertise Leerdammer Lightlife on TV for the first time as it targets health-conscious New Year shoppers. 

The ad – which will run throughout this month – uses the ‘Incognito’ theme which debuted in September last year to advertise Leerdammer Original.

The ad shows a man tasting Leerdammer Original Slices at an in-store sampling stand and he enjoys it so much, he keeps finding ingenious ways to go back for more. The end frame of the ad states: ‘Try Leerdammer Lightlife, with 38% less fat.’

Targeting Lightlife at a time of year when shoppers were on the look-out for healthier products made “perfect sense,” said James King, Bel UK marketing director.

Leerdammer Lightlife contains 38% less fat than Leerdammer Original and 50% less fat than standard Cheddar.