R&R is the first ice cream supplier to unveil the new products it is launching for summer 2011 including a debut for Rolo in the handheld category.

The Nestlé ice cream manufacturer is introducing Rolo sticks (rsp: £2.49 per three-pack) and Rolo cones (rsp: £2.49 per four-pack) to supermarket freezers next month. Both lines contain caramel sauce centres and would meet an increased consumer demand for more indulgent ice creams, said R&R.

"Nestlé is stepping confidently into the ice cream market with two products that deliver an affordable, everyday indulgence under a brand name that consumers love," said marketing director Phil Griffin.

At the same time, R&R is introducing Nestlé's Crunch bar into ice cream with a four-pack of ice cream bars (rsp: £1) and it is also combining the launch of a Fab Apple & Blackcurrant lolly (rsp: £2.19 per eight pack) with a packaging revamp across the entire Fab range.

The new design was "more playful" and appealing to children and would flag up the natural ingredients of the lollies, said Griffin.

In the impulse channel, R&R this week added two small spoons into its Nestlé Potz tubs to make them more suitable for on-the-go eating and sharing.

"The diversity of this year's range is testament to our continued desire to break the mould and make new and exciting consumer-focused products," added Griffin.