Company: Nestlé
Rsp: 56p
Competition: Galaxy Caramel
The sell: Nestlé predicted the new bar would meet a consumer preference for lighter, portionable bars over larger “gut fill” bars such as Mars and Snickers.

The consumer
I like the slimline look shape of this bar and the gold flashes on the wrappers will help it stand out. The bar is less filling than chunkier alternatives such as Snickers. Segmented into five bite sizes, it is ideal if you want to spread the calories out before, during and after a workout. My only complaint is that there was a tad too much caramel, which slightly detracts from the creamy, bubbly chocolate the essence of what makes Aero so tasty in the first place. I would definitely buy one of these again, though. Three stars (out of five)
Amar Mahdi, journalism graduate, London

The retailer
I have always been a fan of Aero bars and was looking forward to trying the new Caramel variant. The layer of caramel in the top of each of the five segments in the bar is too thick, in my opinion. It makes the flavour overly sweet and a bit sickly. The product would definitely have benefited from less caramel and more chocolate. Two stars
Tina Hird, trading controller, Spar

The Grocer
Nestlé has not been shy in proclaiming 2011 the year of the Aero and if this launch is anything to go by, it can look forward to some share-stealing activity. The satisfyingly gloopy caramel has a slight saltiness to it, which enhanced the overall flavour. At 56p, it is the same price as a regular Aero and on a par with Cadbury Caramel. Aero Caramel's combo of flashy packaging and flavour should provide worthy competition for its rivals. Four stars
Alex Beckett, food & drink editor