Company: Sacla'
Rsp: £2.39
Competition: Dolmio, Ragu, Loyd Grossman

The consumer
The fact that Lawrence Dallaglio features on the label was a definite plus for me. The smell when cooking the sauces was delicious and made me want to tuck straight in. My family, including three boys under eight tried all of the three sauces and they were very tasty. The chilli & garlic version was a bit on the hot side for the little ones, as would be expected, but it was my husband's and my favourite. The range provides a much tastier alternative to other brands out there and I will be buying these again. Five stars (out of five)
Hayley Day, housewife and mother, Haywards Heath

The retailer
The packaging across the range is eye-catching and it looks a quality line. However, I don't think people will care that Lawrence Dallaglio is behind it as he is not associated with food. The £2.39 price tag was too expensive but the flavour was good the bolognese tasted meaty and herby, although I found the chilli overpowering. I probably wouldn't buy it again because of the price and there are less expensive products on the market that taste as good. Two stars
Nigel Ashton, business trading manager, Nisa-Today's

The Grocer
Dallaglio by Sacla' was launched to fill a gap in the market for a sauce with heritage and quality taste credentials, and this is exactly what it does. Each of the sauces has a great taste and consistency and could easily be mistaken for homemade. The packaging is good and the Dallaglio name is sure to appeal to a large audience, including housewives, men and kids alike, and not just rugby nuts. With the right amount of marketing support, this should be a winner. Five stars
Lisa Riley, food & drink reporter