McGuigan Discover 
COMPANY: McGuigan Wines
RSP: £7.99

Expert’s verdict 6/10

This wine is a blend of red and white grapes. The white Viognier is designed to add a softer, floral dimension, but I found the Shiraz still dominated, with the red cherry and berry fruit and the vanilla from the oak being the driving flavours. The floral notes begin to show on the finish but this shortens the length rather than enhancing it. The packaging is simple, but while I quite liked the style, it doesn’t have a lot of shelf standout. Overall, this is a good wine with a good concept, but it will struggle to establish itself at the £7.99 price point due to the quality of some of its competitors.
Henry Moran, trading manager, Musgrave Retail Partners

Consumer’s verdict8/10
I really liked the packaging of this wine. It looked premium and modern and I’d be more than happy to take it to a friend’s house, give it as a gift or pick it up for myself. It costs more than I would normally spend, so I was expecting a lot from the wine and fortunately it did live up to its promise. I didn’t know what to expect from a Shiraz Viognier blend, as I thought Viognier was a white wine and Shiraz a red, but it was lovely – plummy, juicy and soft. I would definitely buy it again as a treat or for a special occasion.
Isabella Bruce, account manager, Scotland

A year down the line…
COMPANY: Pierhead Purchasing
LAUNCH PRICE: £1.40 to £1.69
TODAY’S PRICE: £1.60 to £1.89

Cubanero Fuerte was launched in the UK in a bid to tap into the growing demand for Latin American beers. Due to the beer’s cult status in its domestic market and its popularity with British holiday makers, importer Pierhead Purchasing was confident it would be a hit and it is now selling well in specialist retailers and Latin-themed bars and restaurants. The next step is the multiples, said Pierhead.