Company: New York Bakery Co
Rsp: £1.29/pack of five
Competition: The Food Doctor, own-label
The sell: The New York Bakery Co predicts its revamped bigger, softer and more New-York-style bagels range will reignite the overly promoted bagel category.

The consumer
The multi-seeded bagels were delicious fresh and soft when not toasted, while nice and crunchy when toasted. I would buy these again and am excited about tasting other variants. Also, the bigger size meant I was full after just one portion, rather than still feeing a bit peckish. I'd mark down the packaging, though, which is a bit nondescript. Four stars (out of five)
Jo Rogers, tax adviser, London

The retailer
As soon as the packet was opened the very doughy smell hits you. It was very clear that there was a great amount of sesame seeds and sunflower kernels on the bagel but it was difficult to see the poppy and pumpkin seeds, which made it dissimilar to the products shown on their website.

The bagels had a good flavour, which wasn't too harsh, and even when un-toasted no real toppings were required. The bagels toasted well with good crunchyness. Four stars
Heather Perkins, trading controller, Nisa-Today's

The Grocer
The idea with this reformulated range was to get closer to the authentic New York-style soft and chewy bagel and away from the often drier, smaller British version you have to toast to get any pleasure out of. These multiseeded bagels definitely hit the mark, with a dense chewiness and lovely nutty flavour. Their larger size compares favourably to competitors too, and as the only brand to have really concentrated on an upgrade, I think they will be a success. Four stars
Anna-Marie Julyan, food and drink reporter