Weetabix is overhauling the Alpine imagery on its Alpen range and launching the brand's first TV advertising campaign for five years.

In a bid to improve shelf standout, it is replacing the mountain silhouette on the Swiss-style muesli with a photograph of the sun rising over a snowy mountain ridge and switching the image of loose cereal for cereal in a bowl.

The new look, which will appear on cereal bars as well as cereal packs, will be supported by a £3.4m ad campaign. Separate ads for the muesli and cereal bar will air from next month.

The muesli ad has a tongue-in-cheek tone and features five attractive women performing aerobics by a pool overlooking the Alps, while eating bowls of Alpen in time to the music. Both ads will have the strapline: 'Alpen, we know you know how good it is.'

Although sales of the £46m Alpen portfolio leapt 18% in volume and 20% in value over the first six months of the year [Nielsen 52w/e 11 July 2009], the brand needed to d0 more to appeal to consumers in a crowded muesli category, said Francesca Davies, Alpen senior brand manager.

The £3.4m ad campaign would drive sales and steal share from rivals such as Dorset Cereals and Jordans, she said. "The new advertising will appeal to those who haven't had an active relationship with the brand up until now," she added.

"Alpen is a brand with a great deal of positive, but somewhat latent brand associations. The campaign aims to relaunch the brand to consumers in a way that feels rooted in Alpen's heritage but is up to date."