Alpro Soya has become the first food manufacturer in the UK to make a commitment to become completely carbon-neutral.

The company, which makes a range of soya products, said this week it would dedicate the remainder of 2007 to assessing its carbon footprint, with the push to go carbon neutral starting in 2008.

"From manufacturing to distribution, we will assess our CO2 outputs and minimise them wherever possible," said Alpro MD Bernard Deryckere. "Anything we can't reduce to zero we'll offset. Sustainable business is in the genes of Alpro. Global warming is an important issue for us and in order to help work towards creating a healthy world and a viable future, we are aiming to be a CO2 neutral company wherever we operate."

Alpro's environmental efforts will begin at the company's site in Belgium, before moving on to its UK factory, at Kettering.

Initiatives will include green energy projects, such as the installation of windmills, and greater use of water transport.

"We will be going through all parts of our business in detail and assessing the best routes to CO2 reduction," said Deryckere. "It will take time, of course, to become CO2 neutral, but we have already taken the first steps.

"All the activities that we are undertaking in Belgium will be fully assessed and we will make sure the­ ­learnings are employed

in the UK."