Chilean cheese producers are hoping to tap into the UK cheese market.
Andes Foods is hoping to be the first Chilean company to export cheese to the UK and is planning to introduce a range of three cheeses.
Mark Ibanez Edmiston from Andes Foods said talks with UK supermarkets had generated a great deal of interest in the products.
The Andes Cheese range is produced from a cheese called Mantecoso and includes a standard traditional offering and two variations, one with sweet peppers and the other chives.
Edmiston said: “Chile is not known for producing cheese in the rest of the world, but we have a long tradition of production internally and we’re now looking to let the world know.”
The company is producing around 500 tonnes a year, but is planning on expanding production
to 2,000 tonnes over the next year. The cheese was launched on to the US market in July last year and the company is hoping to get product on to shelves in the UK by January 2005.