Enza says no change made in volumes to UK NZ hits back at growers' claims Claims made within the English apple industry that New Zealand Braeburns are being indiscriminately dumped have been vigorously denied. The statement rebutting the allegations comes from Roger Growcott, UK manager of Enza which markets the variety, now the most widely grown. Growcott told the NFU the reports were "grossly inaccurate" and that there was actually no increase in volumes to the UK as a result of problems on the continent. "We will continue to sell Braeburns until October as a result of programmes agreed with multiples many months ago," he said. Braeburns have been selling for up to £14/carton on wholesale markets. Commenting on retail tickets of 39p/lb, Growcott stressed Enza could not control retail pricing policies. Enza had shipped no extra fruit across the Channel but there had been an interchange of sizes. "We switched counts ranging from 70 to 100 to France and Belgium and brought back 135s, which were wanted," he said. "We planned to bring 1.8 million cartons of Braeburns to the UK out of a total of 4.1 million cartons of all varieties at the start of the season and will not vary from this." Growcott stressed the summer market had been difficult for all producers, mainly because of the heavy weight of stone and soft fruit. "Southern hemisphere apple competition has been fiercer and there was a stronger presence from Chile this year," he added. The latest figures from Taylor Nelson Sofres show that apple sales overall, until the end of July, were 3% down ­ a pattern similarly affecting bananas. But peaches and nectarines have risen 15%. l English growers admit the Discovery season has been bad, with fruit already being sold for juicing at a price that is little better than intervention. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}