Substantial increases all across Europe Every major apple producer in the EU is showing substantial increases this season in comparison with last year. France, regarded as a key player by UK importers and multiples, shows a 15% increase reaching 2.02 million tonnes. Golden Delicious remains its single largest variety, but it is the new popular bicoloured varieties such as Gala, up 41% to 240,000 tonnes, which show the biggest increases. This is also repeated in several other countries where Gala overall shows a rise of 27% to 574,887 tonnes. French Braeburn will rise 63% to 130,000 tonnes making it the largest supplier out of an EU total of 175,851 tonnes. There are also substantial increases in Fuji. Jonagold, which is grown more widely, has now become the second most significant EU variety with its total rising 5% to 880,145 tonnes. More northern suppliers such as Belgium will benefit from this increase where its overall apple crop is up 14% to 465,485 tonnes. Holland, a competitor against English Cox, shows an increase of only 1% less with a total of 575,000 tonnes for all fruit. Germany, too, which has a vast production mainly consumed nationally, is making headway with this variety for export. It will see its total crop drop by 4%, although this is not expected to influence future growth. The largest increase is in Portugal, whose crop has doubled to 250,000 tonnes while another early producer, Spain is seeing its crop rise 12% to 763,110 tonnes. Italian apple crops are almost in line with last year showing a 2% rise to reach 2.29 million tonnes. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}