Source: Asda

Asda has said some workers may still be waiting to be paid correctly after IT issues left thousands short in their pay packets last week.

The supermarket also confirmed this morning that two issues were behind the underpayments: one involving miscalculations of overtime and premium rate shifts, and one arising from holiday pay errors. On Friday, when The Grocer broke the story, Asda referenced only the overtime and premium rate errors in its explanation.

In an updated comment this morning, an Asda spokesman said: “We recently launched a new HR system and conducted pre-emptive checks to identify any potential issues before colleagues were paid this month. These checks found a potential problem with holiday pay that could have resulted in a pay discrepancy for some hourly-paid colleagues.

“We have taken immediate and proactive steps to correct this – to help ensure there will be no shortfall in pay for these colleagues this month.”

The spokesman said he was not in a position to confirm all affected staff had been correctly paid, with work ongoing to rectify the errors.

He said no colleague would be left out of pocket and the vast majority of Asda’s 150,000 workers were paid correctly.

A letter from Asda management to store managers last week warned around 9,500 employees were believed to have been affected by the holiday miscalculations.

The change in the payment system is part of Asda’s move from Walmart’s legacy IT platform to its own purpose-built one.