Asda Tottenham Hale

Source: Asda

Over 1,300 Asda products will be available through the service

Asda is launching Deliveroo Hop for the first time at its new Express store in Tottenham Hale.

The quick commerce service, which initially launched with upmarket grocery retailer Supermarket of Dreams last summer, aims to give customers a speedier service and better product availability through a real-time inventory.

Launching at the Tottenham Hale site, which opened in December, Asda said it would give local residents the chance to have their goods delivered in a matter of minutes.

The trial marks a new proposition for Asda, which will see a dedicated picking space in the back of the Tottenham-based convenience store as well as a team of Asda colleagues to prepare the orders.

Over 1,300 Asda products will be available through the service.

“We always want to create more opportunities for our customers to conveniently shop their favourite Asda products, so we’re delighted to be offering Deliveroo Hop at our new Tottenham Hale store,” said Asda senior VP of e-commerce Simon Gregg.

“The trial will provide us with valuable insight into how we can look to leverage our new convenience stores to bolster our last-mile delivery options for customers.

“This expansion will provide more flexibility to even more customers who will now have greater choice when deciding exactly how and when they shop with us, with a wide range of Asda products that can be delivered direct to their door on the same day.” 

Deliveroo UK&I chief business officer Carlo Mocci said:We are excited to expand our successful grocery partnership with Asda. As we reach 350 locations across the UK, we are also proud to launch a new ‘Deliveroo Hop’ rapid delivery trial site in London.

”Deliveroo Hop is our newest innovation that gives customers a speedier service and improved product availability. We look forward to expanding our partnership in this way and bringing even more choice and selection to our customers nationwide.” 

It comes as the supermarket giant is set to extend its partnership with Deliveroo to a further 100 locations across the UK.