Three stores had no items out-of-stock this week, but the winneris Asda in Wythenshawe, Manchester, which pipped its rivals to the post thanks to impressive levels of customer service.

Staff were helpful when asked for assistance to find a product, searching with the customer and checking the warehouse. Most also asked if they could help with anything else. The girl on the checkout was smiling and bubbly andoffered to help pack.

There were no out-of-stocks at Leighton Buzzard Waitrose, but the assistant asked was unsure about what products were stocked. There was a 10-minute queue to enter the car park and the cashier was extremely slow, chatting with the previous customer after the transaction had been completed.

The shopping experience at Tesco, Andover, was spoilt by a milk spillage and cages blocking access to four checkouts. Just nine of 30 tills were open so our shopper queued for nine minutes.

Morrisons in Aylsebury was clean and tidy, with well-stocked produce and bread. A helpful assistant informed our shopper that the organic free-range pork sausages had sold out. There were a lot of half-price and bogof deals at the front of the store.

The pizza and soya milk were out-of-stock at the Sainsbury's store in Forestside, Belfast. Our shopper nearly fell over abandoned packing pallets.

Winner:  Vijay Patel, General Store Manager, Asda Wythenshawe

How do you deliver good customer service? We've put a lot of emphasis on training, with briefings on service and how important it is for customers. We make a big thing of our celebration lunch every month we really push the boat out and try to make colleagues feel special.

What have you done for the World Cup? Everyone's really enthusiastic. We had people working late or starting early, while others we let swipe out, watch the game, swipe back in and get back to work. It created excitement to have it on in the canteen. We let colleagues wear an England shirt for the day for a £1 contribution to charity, and also raised money for charity by having face-painting for shoppers' kids.

How busy was the store when England played USA? As soon we had kick-off it was 'spot the customer' down there. South Manchester is a very hardcore football area.

Which products have sold well because of the World Cup? TVs sold well a week before, and we've had uplifts on barbecues and barbecue items. There was a major increase in beer sales, with the deals of two-for-£15 or three-for £20 on big packs. Food that goes with it like pizza and snacks sold really well. We got about 30 of the half-price official England shirts in. They went within a day and people are still asking for them. The George range of World Cup shirts has done very well, too.

You joined this store three months ago. What have you got planned? We have a mini plan for a space swap to put it more food lines. We're taking out some non-food areas such as homeware and electrical accessories. We're taking the mini range of pound lines out as well, as we can't compete with some discounters in the precinct.

How does being in a shopping precinct affect customer patterns? It brings people in as they'll go shopping in the precinct and have their second shop with us, or vice versa. As we are in the middle of a big housing estate, people treat us a bit like a corner shop, so most customers come in three to four times a week. A lot of customers spend their money from the in-store Post Office here.