Asda Livingston, West Lothian

1 Customer service was one of the highlights of this huge Asda. A sales assistant proved his worth when he cheerfully went to search the stockroom for loose new potatoes, only to find the entire stock was sold out. A delivery of fresh stock was expected soon. The checkout operator was friendly and fast working and she offered our shopper a bag for life. The store was clean and tidy and shelf stackers politely kept out of our shopper's path.

We visited on 6 June at 12.15pm. Our shop lasted 47 minutes. Time spent at the checkout was two minutes.

morrisons Wimbledon

0 Although this store was clean, shoppers were faced with a range of obstructions in the aisles, including shelf stackers, empty boxes and packing trolleys. This gave the store a cluttered appearance. However, the signage was clear and accurate and our shopper found all of the items without difficulty. The Frijj milkshake was not stocked but the other products were available. Staff were enthusiastic and knowledgeable and checkout queues were short.

We visited on 6 June at 6.55pm. Our shop lasted 42 minutes. Time spent at the checkout was six minutes.

sainsbury's Slough

2 Staff at this quiet Sainsbury's were very industrious, busily tidying shelves and facing up the stock. A pool of water had gathered beside the freezer aisle but a floor assistant quickly arrived with a warning cone. Availability was satisfactory but the wine and tea bags were out of stock and three other items were not stocked in the required size. A supervisor loaded our shopper's items on the belt, despite not being asked, which finished the shop on a high note.

We visited on 6 June at 12.18pm. Our shop lasted 39 minutes. Time spent at the checkout was two minutes.

tesco Macclesfield

1 There was a high standard of cleanliness and neatness at this large Tesco. Fixtures and fittings were smart and fully stocked and displays were neatly arranged. The 8-pack of bacon was out of stock, but other sizes were available and availability was decent overall. Our shopper had two encounters with floor staff and they were efficient on each occasion. Our shopper was impressed with the number of cut-price offers at the end of each chiller aisle.

We visited on 6 June at 11.50am. Our shop lasted one hour. Time spent at the checkout was four minutes.

waitrose Marlborough

0 This town-centre Waitrose was charmingly presented with a bright and airy interior. The fresh produce looked to be of decent quality and all 33 items were available. There were no packing trolleys in the aisles and all of the staff were friendly and keen to help. One assistant accompanied our shopper while searching for a product and asked if he could be of further help. The checkout operator offered to help pack our shopper's bags and worked quickly.

We visited on 6 June at 2.30pm. Our shop lasted 58 minutes. Time spent at the checkout was two minutes.