Cadbury’s Trish Fields said the Be Treatwise initiative was completely separate to the labelling scheme launched by six of the food industry’s giants this week.
“Be Treatwise is led by
the confectionery industry and is grounded in the fact that confectionery is unique - the category is well understood by consumers,” she said.
“It has been two years in the development and we have been providing GDAs back of pack for some time now. It has quite a different objective and we worked to the timeframe that our information allowed.”
Be Treatwise is designed to help consumers understand how treats, such as chocolate and sweets, fit into a balanced diet and lifestyle.
A spokesman for Masterfoods said: “The Be Treatwise initiative deals specifically with confectionery and in addition to labelling will educate consumers on GDAs and healthy lifestyles.
“The most important thing for consumers is that suppliers have made a major commitment to provide clear and informative labelling on pack.”