St Helier hopes to cash in on the trend for superfoods with the newest addition to its range - a blueberry-

flavoured pear cider.

The move is an attempt by owner Intercontinental Brands to keep momentum in the category through NPD.

"Innovation and investment continue to attract and lure back past consumers to the category," said Paul Burton, joint managing director of the company. "Without doubt the secret to keeping interest high and attracting important trend leaders is new product development."

The mildly sweet and tangy flavour of blueberries combines well with the crisp taste of pear cider, claims the company.

"We know we are tapping into potent current trends and thinking with St Helier Blueberry and expect sales to reflect this," said Burton.

Last September the company added apple and raspberry & lime variants to the original pear cider offering to tempt more adventurous drinkers into the brand.