bee on a pizza getty

Source: Getty

Buzzin’: a bee enjoys a slice in our artist’s impression

When you hear about brands doing something for bees, you tend to think of efforts to plant flowers our pollinating pals prefer, or even to establish hives.

Pizza chain Papa John’s, however, has decided to, er, make them a pizza. The ‘beezza’ is one inch in diameter, made with the usual dough and passata, plus a topping of forget-me-nots, rose geraniums, ‘local pollen’, rosemary and thyme.

And just in case bees are reluctant to order it for some reason (eg: not understanding the concept of pizza), PJ’s is giving away seeds, and has come up with a spicy ‘Bee Sting’ flavour for humans – all as part of a plan to benefit the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.