Doritos ad

Need a hero? It’s hard to resist Bonnie Tyler’s 1980s hit, so Doritos has replaced its flagging mariachi band with the Footloose classic.

The song soundtracks the adventures of a dorky guy, alone at a party, who chows down on his favourite Tangy Cheese corn chip. Instantly, Tyler’s tune begins and our ‘hero’ is pictured enjoying a variety of ‘heroic’ pastimes - jumping into a swimming pool, arm wrestling and dancing with the ladies at a club.

Nerd-man even indulges in a bout of sumo wrestling - the moment he strips to reveals his mawashi being the ad’s funniest.

The ‘for the bold’ tagline underlines the sort-of heroic theme. But it’s Bonnie’s tune that’ll stick in shoppers’ heads at the supermarket…