heinz lidl ad

Precisely what Heinz has done to irk Lidl we’ll never know, but each of the discounter’s new ads takes on one of the famous 57 varieties.

The set-up is familiar by now. Robotically cheerful Lidlites conduct taste tests with the Great Unwashed, pitting own-label stuff against Heinz’s tomato soup and, in a separate ad, its tomato ketchup (Lidl sure is confident about its tomato products).

The testers announce they prefer the branded stuff, before the taste-droids reveal they’ve switched labels, revealing the riff-raff to be brand-biased fools.

“Ha!”, the ad seems to say. “Now if you don’t shop at Lidl you’re a traitor to your own tastebuds! Also have you ever noticed that ‘Lidl’ sounds very similar to ‘little’? We have!”