Bold took first place in the household category last weekend with 29% of total recorded activity, 11 points ahead of the year's overall category leader Persil, which was pushed down into third.

Bold was on offer in Morrisons and Tesco with save the preferred mechanic. Morrisons dedicated whole gondola ends to its range of liquid detergents, unit-dose and powder variants.

In second place at the weekend with 25% was Flash with its range of spray cleaners and wipes. Utilising gondola end space in both Morrisons and Somerfield, the primary mechanic was x-for-y.

Persil laundry powder and gel tablets with a free Mr Men toy were on offer in Morrisons and Sainsbury's, giving the brand 18% of overall activity and putting it third last weekend.

In fourth place with 15% of activity was Andrex. On offer in Morrisons and Somerfield using pallets and in Sainsbury's on gondola ends, Andrex's preferred promotional mechanic across all packs was extra-free.

The final brand to make it into the top five in the household activity chart was Ariel with 13% of space. Meanwhile Ariel liquid and liquitabs were offered on gondola ends and ladder racks in Somerfield and Tesco using x-for-y and save respectively.

Despite Bold's clear lead last weekend, Persil continues to dominate the year to date for both household goods and the fabric care sub-category with 28% of activity, five points higher than its leading position at the end of last year.

The remaining places in the year-to-date chart have been closely fought. Flash has moved up two places from its position in 2006, but has only increased its share of space by one point to 20%. Fairy has dropped from second to third with 19% of space compared with 21% last year.

Meanwhile, Dettol and Ariel have entered the 2007 chart with 17% and 15% of space respectively, knocking Comfort and Cif out. However with two months left to go there is still room for change.