A ready-to-eat Brie geared to British tastes is being launched by Lactalis.

Brie de Caractère is a lactic maturing cheese made with pasteurised milk, with a firm central core that gradually becomes smaller and is never dry and chalky but always creamy and not too runny.

Nationwide research by Lactalis in the UK has shown that 70% of British consumers enjoy eating Brie. Of these, 45% like it firm all the way through and just 16% eat it runny - with the rest somewhere in between.

The research also revealed that four out of 10 people in the UK cut the rind off their Brie. Brie de Caractère has a thinner rind than many other Bries. The Brits spend £35m a year on
Brie but prefer it not too runny. Président Brie de Caractère will be available from July 12, initially at Waitrose, rsp: £1.59 for 200g.