Kingston 62

Source: Campari Group

The new look celebrates the brand’s Jamaican heritage

Appleton Special & White has rebranded as Kingston 62 globally, following a successful rollout in Jamaica.

The brand, which is part of the Campari Group portfolio, said its new name would present a “distinctive brand” for retailers to tap the growing demand for rum in the UK.

It added its drinks were “a savvy choice” for retailers looking to target consumers who only consider mainstream brands.

Both the white and gold rums delivered the “traditional Jamaican rum taste” and retained their “much-loved” characteristics, said Campari.

Campari UK marketing director Nick Williamson said the new look “celebrates its Jamaican heritage from the prominent ‘Jamaica rum’ embossing, to the lion branding symbolising the strength, courage and pride of the Jamaican people”.

It had been designed with the 21 to 34-year-old rum drinker in mind.

Retailers would be supported in ensuring consumers are aware of the change with PoS materials available for a limited time.