#IGiveAButt Stub Tidy

Source: JTI

JTI is offering free portable ‘stub tidies’ to act as a temporary way to hold the cigarette butt

Tobacco giant JTI has launched a new campaign to try to tackle cigarette butt littering.

The #IGiveAButt campaign and partnership with Keep Wales Tidy looks to tackle the problem by encouraging smokers to take more responsibility when it comes to discarding their cigarette butts.

JTI is providing portable “stub tidies” to act as a temporary way to hold the cigarette butt until a bin can be found.

The scheme is to be piloted amongst 5,000 adult smokers via a nationwide digital sampling campaign in conjunction with the Daily Mail and Metro newspapers. The stub tidies are to be provided free from 24 September via the newspapers’ websites. 

It comes with research from the company showing 66% of smokers would use a stub tidy if they knew it would help reduce cigarette butt litter in the UK and a further 83% would use it if it fitted more seamlessly into their everyday life.

“Our main aim is to encourage a change in the behaviour of adult smokers and make them think twice about how they discard of their cigarette butt litter,” said Charlie Cunningham-Reid, corporate affairs and communications VP at JTI.

“A litter-free environment is of benefit to everyone, so it’s important that adult smokers understand their responsibility and become more conscious of ensuring their waste is properly disposed of. Both of these campaigns give us the chance to test and evaluate how effective these practical and educational initiatives are, before potentially rolling out the initiatives further.

”We are keen to play our part as a responsible manufacturer and bring tangible changes and results to help reduce the impact on our environment.”