Tesco/CCE recycling scheme

Tesco and CCE have teamed up on a recycling scheme

Coca-Cola Enterprises and Tesco are launching an online campaign in a bid to boost recycling in the UK.

The two companies will unveil a website, Recycling is the Answer, on Monday, that will invite consumers to “pledge, play and recycle”.

As well as being asked to make a commitment to recycle more at home, they can play a themed game in a virtual kitchen.

All participants will receive 25 Clubcard points or a 50p coupon, but can earn a further 25 Clubcard points by sharing their recycling promise with friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Tesco and Coke said they wanted to provide guidance on the often confusing issue of which materials can and cannot be recycled.

“The campaign is the result of our shared dedication with Tesco to reduce our carbon footprint and help customers do the same in their homes,” said Nick Brown, associate director of Recycling for Coca-Cola Enterprises.

”We want to do all we can to reduce our own carbon footprint and help customers find simple ways to recycle more at home,” added David Beardmore, category buying manager – soft drinks for Tesco.

After playing, customers receive a follow-up email to congratulate them on making their pledge and an invite to take part in weekly prize draws, with the chance to win an additional 3,000 Clubcard points.

In 2013 Tesco and Coke worked on a ‘Together We’re Making Recycling Count’ campaign, attracting around 37,000 recycling pledges. More than two thirds of participants who said they rarely or never recycled subsequently claimed they would now always or mostly recycle as a result of the initiative.