Topping Dinky pies

Doncaster-based The Topping Pie Company - which supplies retailers including Asda and Booths - has launched a ‘Dinky’ pork pie range.

The new lines - Dinky Mature Stilton, Apricot & Sultana and Caramelised Red Onion-topped pies (rsp: £1.99/120g) - join existing Topping pork pie varieties sold at Manchester’s Selfridges store: Huntsman, Chilli, Scrumpy, Yorkshire Farmers and Traditional.

“Capitalising on the growing popularity and trend for mini products, from burgers to desserts, we are delighted to unveil our Dinky Topped pork pies at Selfridges during British Pie Week – it’s a great reason to try a British classic,” said sales director Matthew Topping.

Two new premium hot pies will also be introduced: Steak & Shallots with Portobello Mushrooms and Creamy Cracked Black Pepper Chicken with Wiltshire Ham and Mushrooms (rsp: £3.49).