Cadbury is to take Marvellous Creations - which clocked up £20m in its first 12 weeks - into the Easter market.

For Easter 2014, it is introducing a 200g shell egg that comes with two countlines - Jelly Popping Candy Shells and Cookie Nut Crunch. Other new lines include a single Caramel Bunny - previously a twin-pack - and a Freddo Faces small egg. Cadbury is also revamping its mini filled eggs and adding Cadbury Dairy Milk and CDM with Daim to the range.

Among returning products are Egg ‘n’ Spoon - filled chocolate eggs in egg box-style cartons - which achieved £6.1m in sales last Easter [Nielsen].

Egg ‘n’Spoon will be backed by a £3m spend and Creme Egg by £5m.