Wagg Complete Budget: Undisclosed 
Manufacturer: Wagg Foods

Wagg embarked on a follow-up campaign for its dogfood in September with an advert airing in HTV West and Wales, Anglia and Central TV regions. The 30-second creative for its Complete original and chicken & veg variants stars a variety of healthy and happy dogs while staying true to the brand's down-to-earth image of a no-nonsense dogfood.

Olli Single Serve Budget: Undisclosed 
Manufacturer: Butcher's Pet care

A clever cat prepares his own supper in the first TV advert for new petfood Olli single-serve. The 20-second commercial features Olli the cat getting the product from the cupboard, opening it, eating it and throwing the empty dish into the bin. The catfood comes in a disposable, single-serve, non-slip dish and is made with natural ingredients but without cereal or soya.

Hilife Budget: Undisclosed 
Manufacturer: Town & Country Petfoods

A cat that leads a pampered life is the hero of Town & Country Petfoods' advert for its HiLife catfood brand. The advert shows a cat leaving the exclusive Cat Flap Club and being chauffeured home before being treated to a tasty meal from the HiLife range by its owner to demonstrate the premium nature of the products. The advert carries the strapline 'Life just gets better'.