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Cast your ballot on 4 July and embrace the opportunity for change

After a lot of uncertainty, I’m sure I’m not alone in welcoming the general election. I heard someone say the other day that this is one of the few times when politicians and candidates are actually listening! That may be a bit cynical, but now should be the time where we push for what we care about to be on the to-do list of the new crop of MPs come July.

At Dash, we see this moment as a great opportunity to remind the government – of whatever political persuasion it might be – to refocus on the major issues of food waste and food and drink-related health.

Mandatory food waste reporting structures have been promised but never materialised. Ditto for tighter regulation on the retailers of extremely unhealthy food. And a joined-up approach for how we educate and inform the public on nutrition choices has gone in the bin of the Defra secretary carousel.

Dash will be pushing the next parliament to address all of these issues properly. We’ll be asking tough questions of the country’s decision makers. Do we want to be a country that throws away a third of the food we produce? Or do we want to be a frontrunner in making this right?

Do we want to have a society where people aren’t given the full picture about what they put in their bodies? Or will government take a stand against big business and put the public’s health first? Are we happy having the market flooded by celebrity-endorsed products that are then quickly withdrawn? What has happened to the ban on two-for-one offers on HFSS junk food? It should go without saying, we’ve got solutions to bring to the table as well.

In turn, I’d call on politicians to open their eyes and ears, and seek out those who can help them with the challenges that greet them in office.

If you’re a business leader or company founder, this is a great time ask yourself what those big opportunities for change are that drive you.

Let’s not forget that there will be a minimum of 100 new members of parliament regardless of who wins the election. Any ‘team’ with a lot of new faces can benefit from the expert support and guidance of the industry.

Lastly, the only way to influence things is through your vote. So go and cast your ballot on 4 July, and embrace the opportunity for change.