As Brits switch channels, the promotional onslaught and advance of own label have left some brands reeling. For brands to thrive, the answer is simple…

Some of Britain’s biggest grocery brands are fading fast. In just five years since The Grocer’s first-ever survey of Britain’s Biggest Brands, 17 have dropped out of our top 100, including Dolmio, Special K, Goodfella’s, Daz, Quality Street and Bernard Matthews.

The causes vary, and consumer tastes will always change, but clearly the pressure on Britain’s Biggest Brands is intense, with recession and commodity inflation coinciding with some dramatic changes in media consumption: from a proliferation of TV channels, to new digital media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Yet some brands have continued to prosper. Led by the £56m growth recorded by Innocent (25), McCain (19), Walkers (2), Quaker (70) and new entry Rustlers (99) have all defied the gloom to turn in impressive double-digit, multimillion-pound growth. So how have they managed to cut through the fog of recession to remain distinctive and relevant to shoppers?

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