Dairymen 2013 cover

Dairymen 2013 cover

“Creativity is intelligence having fun,” Albert Einstein famously said, and his dictum brilliantly encapsulates some of the NPD and trends the dairy industry has been working on over the past 12 months.

This year’s Dairymen is full of terrific examples of creative, intelligent and fun NPD, from new approaches to cooking with cheese to the new generation of fruit-based milk drinks.

As is now a Dairymen tradition, we have once again weighed in with creative ideas of our own to help unlock two potential growth markets: coffee, and occasions. In an exclusive partnership with Harris + Hoole, we put eight milks through a blind taste test with three baristas to find out which milk makes the best coffee. The results, and their tasting notes, make for fascinating reading.

Meanwhile, Dragon Rouge has pushed the creative boat out for us with two exclusive Halloween branding concepts for dairy. With gems such as the Texas Cheeseblock Massacre and Evil Spread, they are certain to raise a smile but make a serious point, too - dairy doesn’t do much in the way of occasion-specific NPD at the moment.

It’s not all fun and games, of course. Market conditions remain challenging. Concerns about tight milk production and supplies are a recurring theme throughout this supplement, and the aftershocks of Horsegate continue to be felt across all food sectors. We take an in-depth look at how Horsegate has affected risk processes and procedures in dairy, and highlight key emerging risk areas for the industry. Plus, international dairy experts assess how UK dairy measures up to the global competition - a key consideration given the impending removal of EU quotas…



4 Creative Challenge I: Coffee
Which milk is best to make a perfect coffee? Harris + Hoole helps us find out
10 Risk Management
In the wake of Horsegate, what is dairy doing to avoid its own crisis?
16 Consolidation
With appetite for M&As still high, who is the most attractive target and why?
20 Dairy Health Check
As hybrid labels loom, can pushing protein improve dairy’s health profile?
26 Creative Challenge II: Occasions
Why is Halloween so scary for dairy? We present our Fromage to Horror
30 The Big Interview: Mark Allen
Dairy Crest’s CEO talks takeovers, targets and tactics
32 Opinion: the Megadairy
Nuffield scholar Amy Jackson asks how public resistance can be overcome
34 Views From Abroad
Four international dairy experts assess the UK’s strengths and weaknesses
38 Pound Shops
As more non-food discounters stock milk, what does it mean for dairy?
42 Supplier Profile: R&R
The Fab story of how a bust dairy farm turned into an ice cream colossus
44 Supplier Profile: Steve Hook
Raw milk is controversial but the Moo Man has a plan
47 Continental Cheese
Our 10 favourite European cheese gems

Category focus
55 Cheddar Cheese
63 Cooking Cheese
67 Snacking
71 Milk
77 Milk Drinks
81 Butters & Spreads
87 Yoghurt & Desserts
91 Ice Cream
95 Dairy Alternatives
98 Last Words