Amid sugar concerns, changing tastes and the small matter of Brexit, confectionery hasn’t had it easy this year. In this bumper report, we explore how chocolate and sweets are prevailing despite these challenges

In this downloadable report: 

  • Consumers are turning to the dark side. That’s if chocolate sales figures are anything to go by. So strong is the force that some of Britain’s biggest confectionery names are rushing to serve up their own cocoa-rich options. And as pressure to reduce sugar mounts, how are suppliers tackling the reformulation risk?

  • Brexit concerns are driving up sugar confectionery sales, meaning every sub-sector is in growth - except one. We also look at how one little pig called Percy is making sweets more inclusive for vegans.

  • Soaring exports - including to traditional high-quality chocolate markets like Belgium - have turned British choc from a laughing stock into a major player. Plus, we explore how Hotel Chocolat is cracking markets further afield.

Plus: what’s hot in chocolate? Sponsored video briefing with Mondelez International