Mary Carmichael Coca-Cola is aiming to add fizz to the UK cola drinks sector with the launch of a lemon-flavoured variant of Diet Coke in June. The soft drinks giant hopes new Diet Coke with Lemon will boost the sector, which has been under increasing threat from juices, water and energy drinks in recent years. The new product hit US shelves last year, where it was seen as a move to stem loss of share to arch-rival Pepsi and poach sales from lemon-flavoured Pepsi Twist which was first to market. News of its British debut comes amid rumours that Coca-Cola is to add a vanilla-flavoured Coke to its US repertoire. The company has not confirmed this. Diet Coke was launched in the UK in 1983, but previous Coke flavour innovations have not fared well. Cherry Coke was launched here in 1985 and flopped, while there was a public outcry in the US at the arrival of an extra sugary New Coke. Diet Coke with Lemon will be supported by a TV ad campaign expected to be worth around £5m, together with outdoor advertising. Sampling to more than one million consumers is planned. Reformulated specifically for the British palate with a much stronger lemon flavour, it is aimed particularly at men and aims to build on interest in healthier products. Available in 330ml cans, six-packs, 500ml and two litre PET bottles, the packaging is similar to the classic silver of Diet Coke but sports yellow bubbles and a slice of lemon. {{P&P }}