Coca-Cola is to launch an orange flavour limited edition of Coke in July, as part of a massive £80m summer campaign across its key brands.

Coca-Cola unveiled the new variant, which follows last year's Coke with Lime, at a briefing last week.

"Limited editions do deliver incremental growth for us and last year's Lime variant delivered a 40% increase in sales," said Anita Huntley, head of marketing, everyday refreshment, Coca-Cola Enterprises.

"This will reinvigorate the category during the summer, a key period for carbonated soft drinks."

The variant will be released in six-can packs, 500ml and two-litre bottles. It will be supported by a £2.5m campaign in July.

Coca-Cola with orange is part of the brand's £80m Coke Side of Summer campaign, which will kick off in June and include the launch of a new Coca-Cola TV advert next month and plans an on-pack promotion in conjunction with iTunes and Apple, which will run across 100 million packs of Coke, Diet Coke and Coke Zero.

Coke Zero will get a boost with a football promotion. Football Without The Downsides will give away one million football matches tickets to Coke drinkers.

The company also has plans for its Schweppes and Capri-Sun brands this summer. Schweppes Straight Cut is launched this month under the strapline: At Last A Soft Drink For Adults.

The drink, which will be available in four flavours: lemon, slimline lemon, grapefruit & mandarin and pomegranate & blueberry, comes in 1.2-litre bottles across take-home and 375ml bottles, exclusive to impulse. There will be a £5.6m support campaign.

A further £2.5m will be spent on the relaunch of kids' brand Capri-Sun. "We want to make the brand more natural as this is a key trend in drinks bought for school lunchboxes," said Jason Hood, head of marketing, juices and waters.

"We've reformulated it so there are now no artificial ingredients, less sugar and more juice and later in the year updated packaging will include GDAs on the front."