Hello, I understand you're flogging cheap jewellery now. Can I get a gold and diamond engagement ring for £30? I don't have any price lists here, sir, but I can ring one of our buyers and give you a call back. (Later, true to his word, our helpful customer services operator is on the line) Our cheapest one is £16 and has different stones but I don't think it has diamonds. Single stone diamond rings start at £47. Do you think I'm being tight by only wanting to spend £30? The thing is I want to go to the World Cup with the lads and the missus'll never know the difference anyway. Not at all, sir. Everyone has a different budget to work within. I live in Brixton in London. Where's the nearest store selling these? Unfortunately, we only do this in selected stores. Our Coventry or Minworth, Birmingham, stores are probably the nearest to you. {{COUNTERPOINT }}