Food and drink companies were bracing themselves for Ofcom's ruling on broadcasting restrictions on advertising to children as The Grocer went to press.

Ofcom's decision was due yesterday (Friday). The industry predicted it would adopt option one with some caveats. This proposes a ban on advertising of food and drink high in fat, sugar and salt during shows specifically for kids, specifically for pre-school kids and of particular appeal to under nines.

Ofcom uses BARB's 120 index to define programmes of 'particular interest' to children aged nine and under. The FSA's controversial nutrient profiling model has been developed to help it determine which products are high in fat, sugar and salt.

Speaking before the ruling, Sainsbury's chief exec Justin King said any controls had to be considered carefully. "Our Active Kids programme is targeted at children. It's important we still have the opportunity to advertise the positive side of food to children."

Given many of the most creative TV commercials of yesteryear would not get off the drawing board today, The Grocer this week celebrates the best of advertising.

Of 52 food and drink campaigns in Channel 4/Sunday Times 100 Greatest TV Ads of all time, 20 would most likely be restricted today, while the jury is out on 12.

The remaining 18 ads are for alcohol, a category that has already seen restrictions tightened. A year on, that industry is struggling to interpret the rules. "Although Ofcom's recommendation aims to restrict how such foods can be promoted to protect children, adults will still be able to enjoy advertising classics," said an FSA spokesman. "We have full confidence the advertising world can and will turn its hand to creating entertaining adverts to make healthier foods the new advertising classics."