Tesco in South Queensferry, Edinburgh, won this week thanks to its short queues, easy-to-navigate car park and knowledgeable staff. The store was busy because it was Saturday morning but staff were happy to help and on both ­occasions our shopper asked where a particular product was, someone immediately took her to it. An assistant opened a new till just as she was going to join a queue and ­offered to help with the packing.

Sainsbury's in Chichester was suffering an air conditioning malfunction when our shopper visited. She reported the store felt bitterly cold and her fingers turned white. But when asked for help the assistant smiled and was polite as he showed her to the product she asked for. And the checkout assistant may have been shivery, but she did say hello and thank you, and offered to help pack.

Asda in Bridgwater ­offered similarly excellent assistance on the shop floor with staff taking our shopper to the quiche and asking if she needed any more help. But the four-minute queue to pay lessened the overall experience. Our shopper also reported half a gondola end dedicated to promoting Brue Chapel mature cheddar, which seemed excessive for one line.

At the Wilmslow Waitrose store, a helpful assistant named Billy showed our shopper to the fish pie and suggested alternative products before asking if he could help with anything else. The store was well merchandised but the salad looked a bit limp and past its best.

Our shopper was stung by a parking fine at Morrisons in High Wycombe for staying for longer than two hours while shopping and visiting the store café. Morrisons have asked Euro Car Parks to refund her the £70, which she had to pay within seven days, but told her this would take up to five weeks. Inside the store, six tills were closed despite the eight-minute queue, and no help to pack was offered. Staff were helpful though, checking the stock room for out-of-stock peas and vodka.