Position Chief executive Company Budgens The job A promotion prompted by the imminent departure of John von Spreckelsen who joins struggling Somerfield as executive chairman at the end of the month. Hyson is seen by the Budgens board as the natural successor to the highly successful "John von". The board said his appointment would "permit a smooth transition" and would ensure the company's successful strategy continued. The backgound Hyson, 50, joined Budgens 29 years ago when it was still part of Booker. He worked through the ranks to become trading director and then managing director ­ joining the Budgens main board in March 1995. Hyson has seen plenty of changes at Budgens ­ none more than when it was sold by Booker in 1986. The chain was struggling until the arrival of von Spreckelsen in 1991. He set about reviving its fortunes and Hyson is said to have played a major role in that success story. {{TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT }}