Tesco has launched a new web site offering parents and prospective parents advice, information, shopping facilities and chatrooms to talk to other parents about their experiences. The You and Your Child site accessed via Tesco.com deals with issues arising from pre-pregnancy to the first four years of a child's life, from coping with morning sickness and immunisation planning to helping children make friends at nursery. Building on the success of Tesco's baby and toddler clubs, the new site will increase loyalty to Tesco.com and tackle Mothercare's hold on the market, said Tesco.com chief executive John Browett: "This is a unique combination of commerce, community and content. Mothercare has had the market to itself for too long. "When a woman discovers she is pregnant, the first thing she usually does is go on a huge search for information. That can be very expensive. Our information is free and our baby products are far cheaper than others on the market." The £500,000 start-up costs will be recouped via online sales at the site and the additional traffic to Tesco.com. The new site stocks 2,500 non food products sourced from warehouses, including prams, maternity clothes, potties and home safety devices. There is a separate link to the Tesco.com site for food and other items sourced from stores. {{NEWS }}