Sainsbury's edged out Asda and Tesco in this week's The Grocer 33 price survey - but it was mighty close. The winning margin was a razor-thin 10p for our 33-item basket of goods. Sainsbury's led at £46.88, followed by Asda at £46.92 and Tesco at £46.97.

Morrisons was fourth this week at £48.16, or 2.7% higher than low-price leader Sainsbury's. The other big supermarkets -Somerfield at £54.82 and Waitrose at £55.96 - were 14.5% and 19.3% more expensive respectively.

The fine margins in this week's totals were reflected at item level, where the lowest price on 19 of our 33 items was shared jointly by at least four of the competitors. Another six items had three competitors tied for
lowest price.

There were only four items on which any of the chains held an individual price lead. Morrisons accounted for two of those. The first was Amoy Straight to Wok medium noodles, where Morrisons' price of £0.58 was the lowest by 33p. Morrisons also led on the price of Andrex toilet paper, with its £1.35 four-for-the-price-of-three promotion.

Sainsbury's offered Doritos corn chips for £0.54, or half the price of its nearest competitor, while Tesco led on the price of own label pre-packed Brie, following a 6.3% price cut from £3.95 per kilo to £3.70.

There were several other price changes in this week's shopping basket. The market price of canned mushy peas continued to rise, as Morrisons this week followed Asda and Sainsbury's previous price increases to £0.18. In fresh produce, both Asda and Morrisons cut the price of whole cucumbers by 20%, taking them from £0.64 each down to £0.50.

In the drinks category, Tesco raised the price of its 2-litre bottle of own label diet cola by 5p to £0.44. Tesco also had a promotional price of £2.00 for Shreddies, 30p off the regular price.

And Somerfield increased the price of Wall's thick pork sausages by 9p to £1.89.