Tesco is rolling out a brand of kids’ foods originally developed for the US market and sold through the retailer’s Fresh & Easy stores.

Launching this month, the Goodness range of more than 70 healthy eating products includes snacks, chilled ready meals, pasta sauces and smoothies for children aged five and up.

Typical prices are 45p for fruit pots, £2 for ready meals such as pasta bolognese or cottage pie, and £1 for a four-pack of Goodness yoghurts.

Tesco said all the products would meet strict criteria for levels of fat, saturates, sugar and salt, and contain no artificial colours or flavours. The majority of the ready meals also contained at least one of a child’s five-a-day, it added.

Goodness would replace the retailer’s Disney food range as it had more clearly communicated health benefits, said a spokeswoman. “Goodness, which is already a popular product in Fresh & Easy, fitted the bill and customer research showed it had greater ­appeal,” she added.

However, many products differed from their US counterparts because of a difference in consumer tastes, although Tesco said the ethos and branding were the same. “Cottage Pie appears in the UK but not in the US and the American meatball and pasta product has been replaced with spag bol here,” said the spokeswoman.

All of the products in the Tesco Goodness range are manufactured either in the UK or Europe.