Volvic is kicking off this year's £9m marketing programme for Volvic with C&C and consumer promotions. Between now and next month, retailers who buy three cases of either Volvic 1.5litre or 50cl bottles in Booker, Bestway and Landmark will get a case of Volvic 50cl sportscap bottles free. And from March 4, while stocks last, Volvic 50cl will be on offer at 12 x 1.5 litre bottles for the price of 11. Both promotions will get support from PoS material. The company is also running a consumer promotion through the multiples, with special flashed packs offering six bottles for the price of five. All size bottles will sport new labels from February onwards. These emphasise the water's volcanic origins and feature usage occasions such as work, keeping fit and healthy, and being on the move. Television commercials are due in the spring and further promotions are planned. {{P&P }}