>>one fifth of toiletries sales in asda.....morrisons works on availability of razor blades...tesco notes a modern discerning audience...

Health and beauty buyer, Asda
Male grooming represents nearly one fifth of toiletries sales in Asda. It is in strong growth year-on-year. Underlying growth is driven by price - this is our brand - and improved availability.
Our range ensures we maximise current market potential - we aim to refresh the range at least a couple of times a year.
There is still room for new entrants. Our exclusive Soviet brand is selling really well.
We are using Every Day Low Pricing to drive excitement and weight of purchase. Well-established brands still make up the majority of sales, but the balance of power is slowly shifting.
men’s toiletries buyer, morrisons
It is an important category for us - the most vital part is availability of razor blades. It is one of the most difficult things to get right as people are very brand-loyal. We are working with Gillette on that.
In toiletries we stick with the major brands, as it is not the men that are buying them but the mums and girlfriends. The experimental types go to the high street.
We try to keep up with the latest fragrance and provide a budget option. Men don’t specifically come into our store to buy toiletries, but they buy them while they are there. It’s a fairly low participating category, but we are trying to grow it.
Tesco buying manager for men’s toiletries
Men are spending more money on toiletries than ever before and it is a growth area.
Increasingly, male customers are showing more care and attention to what they shave with and how they do it, as well as being more discerning when it comes to products such as moisturisers. It is not just about buying a moisturiser, it is now also about caring for different types of skin, and sensitive products are popular.
A much wider range of products, such as exfoliates and waxing strips, are also showing real potential, and ranges such as L’Oréal’s Men Expert, Nivea For Men and Veet for Men are all doing well.
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