Comedian James Acaster is famously enthusiastic about soft drinks brand Cawston Press. “When I die, bury me with Cawston Press,” he once quipped on his podcast.

Acaster’s free publicity has leant the fruity soft drink a comedy cult status which it seems determined to lean into.

The No Jiggery Pokery comedy and cocktails evening at the Clapham Grand was organised with the noble goal of raising money for FareShare. Hosted by Lou Sanders, the evening featured performances from comedians Glenn Moore, Ahir Shah and Pierre Novellie.

Sanders opened the evening and struggled to win over a restless Clapham crowd, despite aiming a few well-placed jibes at some ‘lads’ towards the front of the venue.

The brand’s advertising team may also have had their head in their hands, as Sanders referred to the drink repeatedly throughout her act as “Cawston’s apple juice”.

Meanwhile an energetic Glenn Moore proved more successful with his self-deprecating takes on his failed romantic relationships.

The highlight of the evening however was Pierre Novellie, who spoke of his deep love for KFC. More specifically, his love of consuming a Mighty Bucket for One. “You get to shake hands with all of the colonel’s daughters,” he joked.

Ahir Shah meanwhile started well, but ran out of steam, and indeed material. After checking his watch several times, Shah was left awkwardly spinning plates for the final few minutes.

Nonetheless, it proved to be an entertaining evening for a very worthy cause.