Pierhead Purchasing is adding a brewed-at-source Cuban lager called Cubanero Fuerte to its portfolio of speciality beers. Travellers may already know the classic Cuban lager 'Bucanero' which is brewed at the Bucanero Cevezeria in Holguin. Pierhead Purchasing had planned to launch the lager in its original guise in the UK, but copyright problems meant the name had to be changed for the British market. Cubanero Fuerte, which is made with a blend of malted barley, hops and Cuban sugar cane and brewed to 5.4% ABV, is described as "an aromatic, full-bodied lager, and full of malt notes". Bottles carry a '100% Cubano' mark on the neck and the label features a pirate and seafaring imagery to tie in with the Caribbean's associations with 17th century pirates. "Cubanero is one of the only Cuban beers available in the UK and offers a unique drinking experience," said Michael Cook, director of imported beer.