Lactalis President advert

Source: Lactalis UK & Ireland 

The deal is part of a £2.5m ad spend for the brand this year

Lactalis UK & Ireland has renewed a £2.2m sponsorship by its Président brand of Channel 4 cooking show Come Dine with Me for a third year.

The deal will see Président ads play at the start of each episode until the end of March, and in September, November and December. Shorter bumpers will play in commercial breaks and at the end of the show.

They are expected to reach approximately 16 million people, with the aim of to raising awareness of the brand among its key target audience of ABC1 women.

The campaign forms part of a wider £2.5m ad push for 2020 called ‘Time for the Good Life’, which includes targeted YouTube adverts with customised messages sent to relevant users.

“The ‘Time for the good life’ campaign aims to link the French lifestyle of slowing down the pace and enjoying life’s simple pleasures with President’s quality and expertise,” said Lactalis UK & Ireland group marketing director Heloise Le Norcy-Trott.

“We are confident that this high-profile sponsorship of Come Dine With Me will significantly increase brand relevance for both Président cheese and butter.”