The Black Farmer's daughter will make her on-pack debut for a new range of gluten-free sausages.

Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones' 11-year-old daughter Scarlett will appear on packs with the signature hat and silhouette in a range that includes 100% British premium pork chipolatas, mini sausages and 'marbles' - small balls of sausage with their skins on, pitched at younger consumers. Pork burgers are also planned for the range.

A dedicated section on the Black Farmer website will let Scarlett give her thoughts on food, life and childhood. She will also appear at tastings with her father during school holidays and weekends to help promote the brand, which is currently in discussions with retailers over listings.

"Although she's not a sufferer, at least one in 100 people suffer with Coeliac disease and more and more kids are being diagnosed with the condition," said Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones.