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Deliveroo’s chief product and technology officer has announced his departure from the company.

Devesh Mishra joined Deliveroo in 2021, after 16 years at Amazon, where he rose through the ranks to VP, global supply chain.

During his tenure at Deliveroo, the company launched Deliveroo Hop in a rapid grocery-as-a-service model, since adopted by Asda and upmarket grocer Supermarket of Dreams. It also rolled out an app feature that allows customers to top up takeaway orders with grocery items, ‘allowing them to create their perfect meal in one order’, and significant improvements in the grocery picking app used by supermarkets. On the consumer-facing side, the business worked on easier basket building, product discovery and visibility of deals.

Devesh Mishra

Source: Deliveroo

Devesh Mishra is departing Deliveroo

Mishra – who was responsible for Deliveroo’s technology organisation, which encompasses the company’s engineering, data science, design and product development functions – said his time at Deliveroo had been an “amazing experience” and an “incredible journey both on a professional and personal level”.

“Relocating my family from Seattle to London amidst a global pandemic was a bold move, but one I’m glad we undertook,” Mishra wrote in a LinkedIn post. “The memories we’ve created and the wonderful people we’ve met will always hold a special place in my heart. But now it is time for our next adventure.

“For now, I’ll be taking some time off to reflect, spend time with family, and start looking forward to what’s next,” he added.

In the role, Mishra reported directly to the CEO Will Shu, and sat on the executive team. Mishra had several direct reports including chief technology officer Dan Winn, and chief product officer Adam Bishop, who was promoted to the role last week.

Mishra also sits on the board of directors of YouGov as well as the advisory board of membership-based research company for supply chain and operations leader Zero100.

He is one of several senior Amazon staff to make the leap to Deliveroo – among them Eric French, who joined Deliveroo after 15 years at Amazon in 2021 as chief marketplace officer and since promoted to chief operating officer; and VP of grocery and retail Suzy McClintock, who joined Deliveroo after more than four years at Amazon in 2021. 

“My time at Deliveroo has been an amazing experience and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved – driving the company’s growth and profitability by launching new business verticals, embracing automation, and elevating our platform’s technology capabilities with a global mindset,” Mishra said.