Home Bargains bakery

Source: Home Bargains

The focus is on a small range offering quality and value, according to the retailer

Home Bargains has introduced bakeries in 64 stores, with plans to add them to another 20 over the next 12 months.

The 64 initial stores span the country from Darlington to Basingstoke to Merthyr. Each has gained a selection of baked goods such as baguettes, tiger rolls, pastries, muffins and doughnuts. The focus is on a small range offering quality and value, according to Home Bargains.

“In recent years the market for fresh baked good in the UK has grown significantly and the bakeries we have introduced at stores nationwide have allowed customers to enjoy our competitively priced fresh bakery range,” said a Home Bargains spokeswoman.

“We are looking forward to introducing more bakeries in stores as we roll out our fresh bakery range for customers across the UK to enjoy.”

Home Bargains is one of a number of variety discounters to have expanded its grocery offering in recent years to cater for the fuller shop. Poundland has added frozen and chilled ranges to hundreds of stores since 2020, and also added fresh fruit & veg to many shops. Home Bargains, along with B&M, already has a sizeable frozen and chilled range.

In its recent annual report, B&M said it was benefiting from being in locations near a Lidl or Aldi, as shoppers trading down from the mults split their shop.

Home Bargains has about 570 stores, including about 20 gained through its acquisition of Quality Save earlier this year.

Home Bargains baked goods range includes:

  • 5-pack sausage rolls: £1.09
  • Baguette: 75p
  • 3-pack demi baguette: 69p
  • 4-pack scotch rolls: 85p
  • 5-pack tiger rolls: £1.25
  • 4-pack iced, sugared or chocolate ring donuts: 99p
  • 10 mini jam, sugar or chocolate doughnuts: £1
  • 5: pack cookies, white chocolate, milk chocolate, double chocolate: 99p
  • 2-pack vanilla crown: 79p
  • Cinnamon Whirl: 55p
  • Chocolate and Hazelnut Croissant: 94p
  • Maple and Pecan Plait: 55p
  • Chocolate Twists: 59p
  • Cheese Twist: 59p