Duerr's Rhubarb & Custard Jam

Duerr’s spent 12 months developing the jam

A rhubarb & custard flavour jam has been launched by Duerr’s.

The Manchester-based business spent 12 months working with scientists to develop the jam for home bakers. Unveiled at a home-baking show last weekend, the first run sold out in three hours and subsequent demand caused the company’s website to crash.

Duerr’s, which is discussing supermarket listings for the product (rsp: £1.49/340g jar), plans to launch more home-baking jams including blackcurrant & liquorice and blueberry & bubblegum.

“The market - until now - lacked a bake-stable jam to deliver results to the standards exacted by our country of skilled enthusiasts,” said MD Richard Duerr.